Alpena Town Minutes – Unapproved


Alpena Town Board met in regular session on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Alpena Community Center. Mayor Peterson, Trustees Nedved, Knittel, Kopfmann and Weber were present as well as Finance Officer Shawn Ochsner. Residents Teresa Weber, Tabatha Nedved, Steve Small, Steve, Carmen, Alex and Shayla Muilenburg, Houston Mees, KaeLynn Culver and Jerauld County Sheriff Jason Weber were also present.


Peterson called the meeting to order. Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the previous meetings – approved unanimously. Financial report was reviewed. Motion made and seconded to approve the report as presented – approved unanimously. Ryan and Randy Nelson entered the meeting.


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to allow the following claims for payment: American Bank & Trust, monthly fee $5.00; Wealth Management, debt service $15,093.22; EFTPS, payroll taxes $1,169.14; Jaycee Hohn, payroll $288.14; Shayla Muilenburg, payroll $495.92; Houston Mees, payroll $354.62; Shawn Ochsner, payroll $808.06; Andrew Small, payroll $650.89; Dick Small, payroll $553.40; Wayne Mees, $775.74; Carmen Muilenburg, $140.38; Terry Nedved, trustee $436.75; Gordon Knittel, trustee $507.92; Chad Kopfmann, trustee $369.40; Randy Peterson, Mayor $577.19; Paul Weber, trustee $277.05; Alpena Coop Service, fuel/gas/supplies $1,019.71; Amkota Farm & Home, keys $5.97; Central Electric, lagoon electricity $54.00; Chris Hofer Blading, blading streets $1,125.00; Dakota Pump & Control, lift station pump $846.94; Dakota Plumbing, repair swimming pool leak $277.30; Darley, parts for fire trucks $468.72; Juan Estrada, swimming pool house maintenance $180.00; Hawkin’s, swimming pool $1,991.35; Huron Plainsman, publishing $93.00; Kelsey Seed & Ag Service, LLC, spray $110.90; MC&R Pools, chemical/parts $483.75; Mid-Dakota Rural Water Service, water $222.40; Northwestern Energy, electricity $1,661.29; Olson’s Pest Technicians, pest control $55.00; Randy Peterson, snow removal $612.24; Runnings, tools/sprayer. $438.25; SD State Treasurer, water sample $15.00; SD One Call, message fees $3.36; Santel Communications, telephone $389.05; Dallas Tebay, cemetery mowing $2,025.00; True Dakotan, publishing $63.90; USPS, box rent $42.00; Waste Management, garbage service $1,460.55; Waste Management, garbage service $151.77; Waste Management, large dumpster $155.95; Waste Management, large dumpster $920.38. Total Expenditures $37,375.60.


Discussion was held on the interpretation of Ordinance #2016.10. One resident explained to the board how he interprets the ordinance. The board agrees that the ordinance needs to be written in a way that it is interpreted the same by everyone and every property owner given the same treatment. The ordinance will be revised to include the fitting going into the curb stop as part of the curb stop, which will be the city’s expense. No one from the Fire Department was present to discuss the Fire Department Budget. This item will be tabled until the August meeting when the Annual Municipal Budget is presented. The landfill was discussed. There is a discrepancy between what the documentation that the Town of Alpena has on file, of the rules and regulations of a Restricted Use Permit declare can be disposed at the landfill, and what Trustee Knittel was informed when he called the state directly. Finance Officer will bring the landfill reports to the next meeting for review. The surplus property list was reviewed and updated. An estimate for $6,800 for a street broom was discussed. The board is all in agreement that, for that price, it is not a necessity.


Sheriff Weber approached the board regarding the Law Enforcement Contract Renewal. The renewal date is January 1, 2019. The current contract is a 5 year contract which provides a minimum of 80 hours of patrol, per month, in Alpena. The approximate annual contract rate will be $11,935.12 per quarter. The board will discuss this and a decision regarding the contract renewal will be made at a future meeting. Discussion was held on the swimming pool. One resident presented Red Cross recommendations to the board, as well as some other concerns residents have regarding the swimming pool, such as the chemical pump house door not being locked, the pool leaks and chlorine and ph levels. The board agrees to allow two lifeguards on duty if there are 10 or more kids swimming. The board will address the concern about the pump house and have it locked at all times. There have been several attempts made to repair the leaks in the pool, to no avail, however the board will continue to make every effort to get the leaks repaired.


In other business, the board has agreed to take part in the District III Association of Local Governments for the 2019 program year. Residents voiced concerns that vehicles have attempted passing at the Highway 224/Willow Avenue intersection. Sheriff Weber has been informed of the situation and will keep a watchful eye out for these actions. Residents questioned the high water pressure. Mid Dakota will be contacted to check into this. Jason Weber and Steve Muilenburg exited the meeting. The cost of leasing a tractor from John Deere and Noteboom were reviewed and discussed, as well as the purchase of a 10 foot mower at the cost of $16,500. Both items were tabled. Ryan and Randy Nelson, Shayla Muilenburg and Houston Mees exited the meeting. Two estimates were received for concrete repair. The board is all in agreement to accept the lower bid from ReDel Keleher in the amount of $1,801.83. Unoccupied and/or properties that are not maintained will be mowed by the town and the property owner will be charged $50.00 per mowing. Discussion was held on the replacement of the culvert adjacent to Lawrence Kopfmann’s property. The board is in agreement that the culvert should be replaced at the city’s expense.


Motion was made and seconded to adjourn – approved unanimously. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held at 5:30 pm on Monday, July 9, 2018 at the Alpena Community Center.


Randy Peterson, Mayor

ATTEST: Shawn Ochsner, Finance Officer

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