Alpena Town Minutes – Unapproved
Alpena Town Board met in regular session on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the Alpena Community Center.  Mayor Passenheim, Trustees Ochsner, Nedved and Mees were present as well as Finance Officer Shawn Ochsner.  Residents Tom & Diana Freideman, Tabatha Nedved, Gordon Knittel, Carmen Muilenburg and Steve Small were also present.  Trustees Jurgens was absent.
Mayor Passenheim called the meeting to order.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the previous meetings – approved unanimously.  Financial report was reviewed.  Motion made and seconded to approve the report as presented – approved unanimously.
A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to allow the following claims for payment:  EFTPS, payroll taxes $685.52; Shawn Ochsner, payroll $845.36;  Andrew Small, payroll $308.25; Dick Small, payroll $277.37; Steve Passenheim, Mayor  $498.69;  Dan Jurgens, Trustee  $290.89;  Darwin Ochsner, Trustee  $429.43;  Richard Mees, Trustee  $429.43;  Terry Nedved, Trustee  $429.43;  Alpena Coop, fuel/gas  $83.67; Brown & Saenger, community center supplies $79.99; Central Electric, electricity $54.00; Dakota Pump & Control, motor savers $1,341.84; Hazelwood Enterprises, flags/flag poles at community center $1,842.00;  Jerauld County Auditor, law enforcement  $11,587.50;  Meyer’s Sand & Gravel, blade streets  $994.50;  Mid-Dakota Rural Water, water service $210.40; Morgan-Theeler, legal expense $2,053.30; Northwestern Energy, electricity $1,667.76; PJ’s Machine & Repair, dump truck repair  $146.35;  Presto-X, pest control $169.61; Runnings, supplies $49.96; SD One call, message fees $4.48; SD State Treasurer, water samples $15.00; Santel Communications, phone and cable $328.46; True Dakotan, publishing $122.58; Waste Management, garbage service $1417.50; Waste Management, garbage service $145.37.  Total Expenditures $26,508.64.
Resident Tom Freideman had some questions regarding the right of way of the streets and rocks being pushed into his yard by the blade during snow removal.   The board will take appropriate measures to resolve the rocks in his yard as well as obtain additional information from the attorney and/or State regarding the right of way statutes and relay the information to Mr. Freideman.
The finance officer presented the 2016 Annual Report for the board’s approval.  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to approve the report as presented.
Resident Randy Peterson entered the meeting.  Nuisance properties were discussed.  Initial letters will be mailed to several property owners giving them 30 days to get their property into compliance with the nuisance order or make arrangements with the board to do so in a timely manner.   Updates were given on the nuisance properties currently in litigation.   
Motion was made and seconded to pass the following Resolution 2017-01:  RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING PART TIME RESIDENTS OR EMPTY RENTAL UNITS TO BE CHARGED FOR WATER SERVICE ONLY DURING UNOCCUPANCY – Nedved, aye; Ochsner, aye; Mees, aye; Passenheim, aye.  Motion passed 4-0.
 RESOLUTION #2017-01
WHEREAS, part time residents and empty rental units will be charged the fee for water service only for the duration of unoccupancy, and;
WHEREAS, the fee for sewer and garbage will be waived and the residents will not be charged a connection or disconnection fee, except in the event that the water is disconnected due to failure to pay, then the resident will be charged a $50 reconnect fee for a reconnect during business hours and $100 reconnect fee for a reconnect on weekends and holidays, and;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Alpena Town Board supports the adoption of this declaration.
Dated this 13th day of March, 2017
                                                                Stephen Passenheim
                                                                Board President
                                                                Shawn Ochsner
                                                                Finance Officer
A spraying contract with the Town of Virgil was discussed.  The board decided that a fee of $200 per time must be assessed to the Town of Virgil in order to compensate for labor, chemical and wear and tear on the vehicles.  A written contract will be presented to the Town of Virgil for their approval.  Summer employee applications were reviewed.  Motion was made and seconded to hire Hunter Mees as the Pool Manager at the wage of $16.00 per hour, Houston Mees and Shayla Muilenburg as lifeguards at the wage of $10.00 per hour, Richard Small, Carmen Muilenburg and Alecia Schley as pool maintenance at the wage of $16.00 per hour – approved unanimously.  The water tower was discussed and a new estimate/agreement for water tower repairs will be obtained by Maguire Iron and reviewed at the April board meeting.  The truck route was discussed again and signs will be posted when the ground thaws.  Carmen Muilenburg exited the meeting.  The tractor maintenance was discussed as it is leaking hydraulic fluid.  The board agreed to get it serviced and get an estimate on replacing hydraulic hoses.  Randy Peterson exited the meeting.  Discussion regarding the number of hours for maintenance employees was held and whether it can be warranted to hire a full time employee.  The board will keep this in mind and continue to monitor the number of maintenance employee hours per week.  Tree trimming was discussed.  A contractor will be contacted to trim trees as soon as possible.  A program summary and application for the SD Small Community Transportation Planning Program was reviewed and will be tabled.
Motion was made and seconded to adjourn – approved unanimously.  The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held at 5:30 pm on Monday, April 10, 2017 at the Alpena Community Center.
Stephen Passenheim, President
ATTEST:  Shawn Ochsner, Finance Officer
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